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DUBAI (Dragon Mart) > HATTA (Fort Hotel)
« on: Feb 23, 2011, 07:27 PM »
This Friday I'll be doing my first proper ride in a very very long time.
We'll be going from Dubai to a hotel in the mountains, in Hatta, for breakfast, then back home.
We should be leaving at 7h30am, back home at about 2pm I think.

Now, unfortunately I haven't figured out how to trace a route in Google Maps, or perhaps the version that I'm using on my Mac is not allowing me to, but you can appreciate my terrain, going from A to B in this little map:

Yes, it is a straight line, like most of the roads that we have here - and we may be taking that on the return, but at least on the way there, we will actually be taking the Sharjah-Kalba road, it's the thinner yellow road above/parallel to the direct one. (i.e. up, to the right, down).

Above the destination, Hatta, there is a part with some nice bends (zoom in above "B").We have to do quite a few kms before we get to enjoy 10 mins of bends! But it's so worth it...
Well, it was when i was still enjoying it...  :003: Now i even have to let the Harleys overtake me when I take ANY bend at all... :019:

Pictures to come. Wish me luck!
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Re: DUBAI (Dragon Mart) > HATTA (Fort Hotel)
« Reply #1 on: Feb 23, 2011, 07:57 PM »
Be safe girl, the confidence will come back, your haccibump was under braking not in bends, you and Sean will be just fine. Remeber you can ride think of barcelona to London in 14 hrs, twisties back home or riding with the London posse jeez think of London traffic . Start slow and build gradually. You really can't let the Harleys show you the way on the bends. Or maybe you should, if they can get round so can you thats a starter for 10.

keep it rubber side down :028:
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