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Re: Sweet Caroline
« Reply #20 on: Dec 11, 2017, 10:14 PM »
*Originally Posted by bgp [+]
Typical Rob.
Closest place to Pyrenees is Basel on Wal's map. Roughly 1000kms. First I thought Rob is no good with geography, then I realized 1000kms is close to nothing from his perspective.  :002:

  Neither really BGP. Only taught geography for 30 years and still knew almost nothing  :007:. But I did seem to remember that Basel (Basil? Barrl?) to somewhere south of the Bumps is possibly not quite the same as, say, Winnipeg to Calgary.

 What I thought I was reffing was a comment by Wal sometime back the the Fall that he was thinking of a December trip to Iberia and then a sneak along the coast to Italy and up into where, it turns out, he's actually going.

 But then you know Wal. If the temperature gets up into double digits, the rain lets up for a few minutes, and he has to stop more than once in 1900 km lest the bike run out of fuel, he moans on about no fun, might as well have taken the car, wants a bloody refund  :015: . My mistake, I should have known better  :192: .


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Re: Sweet Caroline
« Reply #21 on: Dec 17, 2017, 05:01 PM »
*Originally Posted by Gustavo [+]
Wal did say he had about two weeks planed.  I mean, in two weeks you could be across the continent (our continent) and back...   :211:

Wal, any particular reason you chose the waist coat over a jacket with heated sleeves?  I find that I get cold in my arms faster than my core, which is why my heated jacket not only has sleeves, it's connected to heated gloves.

Keep the rubber side down and as TM said, we expect to see lots of pictures from this adventure.  If you get too cold, I'll post some pictures from my vacation to help you warm up.  I don't expect to see any icy or snowy roads...   :7:


i just wanted basic bit of heat, i don't suffer from cold unduly even though most of my longish trips seem to end up in winter,,,,thought  it would be nice to have a bit of supplementary heat at the end of a long day in the cold......i'll put my thoughts in a separate post..