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Author [NL] [FR] [ES] [DE] [SE] [IT] [NO] [MY] Topic: Chain - DID 520 VXD O-Rings coming out after 14,000kms  (Read 452 times)

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Hello All,

 New chain in Aug 2017 - 14,000 kms later (9,000 mile approx) - Sep 2019 - I notice some of the O/X-Rings are starting to come out. On 4/5 places I can see "tails" of rubber from the O-Rings sticking out from the links. I'm not sure if it is the entire O-Ring or if a sliver has sheared off and that's what I am seeing - ie the bulk of the O-Ring is still in??

See images.

You can just see the "tail" of an o-ring on it's way out. Closer inspection of the chain shows everything ok for now, no tight spots or loose spots, although chain removal would be needed to fully  inspect.

Also see picture of rear sprocket - would you say that is needing replacement or plenty of life in it? (That's fluff on sprocket from cloth!)

My chain maintenance is this, every 3-4 weeks spray down with paraffin, agitate dirt on the links with small brush, rinse with paraffin, dry and clean with cloths, apply lube, currently Rock Oil spray on chain lube, rotate chain for a few minutes, leave over night or at least a few hours to set, sometimes shorter chain maint window if very wet out.

So do you think this chain should have lasted longer?
Does the sprocket picture suggest new sprocket needed also?
Should I go back to the shop that fitted and raise a complaint?
Do you agree with my chain regime?
I have heard DID now say not to use kerosene/paraffin/diesel although on the packaging for my chain it does say to clean with kerosene, anyone with more recent packaging check that for me?
Anyone else see these little o-rings tails coming out of their links (esp DID chains)?
Any recommended chain manufacturers?

The only problem I could think of (apart from whether paraffin is OK or not) is the brush I was using was a bit hard and was somehow reaching the surface of the o-rings and wearing them away??

Any thoughts or suggestions welcome,

Thanks in advance, Creasey

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Re: Chain - DID 520 VXD O-Rings coming out after 14,000kms
« Reply #1 on: Jan 13, 2020, 07:22 AM »
My mechanic says don't use kero so I don't. Bit more expensive but I use Motul chain cleaner and a brush and had no issues. Chain maintenance on the Versys seems to be more critical than most you need to keep them clean and lubed and the correct tension.
Also once a year pull out the chain side adjuster bolt, clean it and put some thread lube on it.

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Re: Chain - DID 520 VXD O-Rings coming out after 14,000kms
« Reply #2 on: Jan 13, 2020, 12:54 PM »
I use Rock Oil for lube  and rarly clean my chians, maybe once every 5000miles or so and I use WD40 or whaatever chain cleaner i have to hand. Don't seem to have a problem.
Ypu should get more mileage and your rear sporcket looks ok, its the front that will wear out first anyway.
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Re: Chain - DID 520 VXD O-Rings coming out after 14,000kms
« Reply #3 on: Jan 13, 2020, 02:03 PM »

Your cleaning, and lubrication regime is way better than most. So I understand your disappointment with the life of your chain.

However, I must say straight off, that I am no lover of DID  chains. My MK3 came from the factory with a DID, but whilst on our summer trip to Spain we had 3 days of heavy rain over that  period , and on inspection afterwards the chain was knackered.

I clean and re-lube my chain after every ride ( so every 2 to 3 hundred miles), but this is impractical on a 570 mile day in pouring rain.  The chain had done 10,000 miles.

I have never had so few miles from any chain. I am certain that the rain got passed the o rings, even though they looked in top condition, but internally the chain was dead.

I have always used paraffin to clean chains, and as you state most chain manufacturers state that it is the right thing to do. So I am perplexed as to why this is still not the case .

Regarding your bike , If I were you I would accept that the chain and sprockets are past their best, wait until the gritters are tucked up in their garages, then replace your chain and sprockets. No point in doing it now because winter riding could cause undue wear to the new chain, so wait until spring.

I use an inch and a half paint brush to clean the chain, followed by a really good wipe with an old towel or similar cloth.  Then re-lube, I have tried all kinds of chain lube/ grease, and gear oil too. And don't find much difference between any of them.

So I don't think that you are doing anything wrong, and you are right to try to understand what is happening. But maybe, 10 to 12 thousand miles on  a Versys that is used year round on UK roads is just about what we should expect.

I am currently using a Japanese made RK chain, which has only done 2 thousand miles, which is obviously not enough to form an opinion on it's longevity.  Geoff  :002:

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Re: Chain - DID 520 VXD O-Rings coming out after 14,000kms
« Reply #4 on: Jan 13, 2020, 02:15 PM »
Never use a hard bristle brush, as these can damage the seal on the chain links very easily - especially 'X' or 'Z' ring chains.  :012:

As Geoff says, use a soft paint brush and uses lots of the cleaning fluid to flush the grit away  :028:
Richard    :001: 

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Re: Chain - DID 520 VXD O-Rings coming out after 14,000kms
« Reply #5 on: Jan 13, 2020, 04:27 PM »
my 2p

i use a stiff chain cleaning brush with WD40 to clean chain maybe 3-4 times a year, (but have used paraffin/kerosene/diesel) i use Castrol spray chain lube (but any type at a pinch) i lube more often if on a long run in the wet, thats when most damage is done....  never had a problem with DID chains, always use them, with half decent care i usually get around 20k miles before stiff links, front sprocket starts to hook around 10k mls, rear lasts 20k mls fine...... Versys is easy on chains and not too fussy in my experience over 80k miles, its always seemed to me that its not hard to get decent mileage out of them.....with half decent maintenance...

so not sure what has happened to yours, maybe a one off, pointless going back to dealer as circumstances out of his control at your mileage, just some strange wear circumstance perhaps maybe best to start afresh with new chain/sprockets

not saying this is your case, but many people only get around 10k mls from a chain through minimal maintenance and they don't seem too bothered, i would expect 15-20k without getting anal about it 

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Re: Chain - DID 520 VXD O-Rings coming out after 14,000kms
« Reply #6 on: Jan 13, 2020, 04:30 PM »
It may be just me but I'm unclear as to how often you lube the chain, is is only after a clean ? Also what is the mileage ? every 3-4 weeks could be a huge mileage.

All my chain driven bikes have had a Scottoiler for years now, once set up they work brilliantly IMHO and use a old tooth brush and paraffin to clean once or twice a year.
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