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Second hand guards
« on: May 22, 2020, 06:06 PM »
just wondering if anyone here has some second hand barkbuster/acerbis guards that they would consider selling, preferably with a 2 point mount?

I dont mind if they are a bit scratched or scuffed as I am not a pristine kind of guy, and cant bring myself to part with the kind of money that they go for new.
Alas I am already riding round with the end snapped off the brake lever where I dropped it in a carpark after the schoolboy error of pulling on the front brake when manouvering, to avoid a yappy dog that was scarpering from its owner.
Soon after I parked next to a track when walking in the hills and was relieved to see it lying on its side when I came down. Relieved cos as I walked towards where I had parked it was hidden by a wall and I thought it had been knicked. So a cracked faring and indicator hanging by the wire seemed like a good result, and I learnt to put a stone under the stand in future....
Anyway if anyone has some old guards gathering dust on a garage shelf then let me know.

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