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SHAD SH35 panniers and SH59x or SH45 top box
« on: Oct 11, 2020, 06:06 PM »
So as you know, I happen to have this full round of SHAD luggage as shown below. This was partly a budget choice, the SH23 panniers and the SH40 box are pretty much the cheapest hard luggage you can get in the EU, plus I never liked the SH36 panniers which look just huge. Fast forward a year and SHAD has come up with new panniers - SH35. They are only a bit smaller than the SH36, but they sure look a lot smaller. Now as you see my bike is black and silver, the silver being pretty much aluminium. What do you think, would the SH35 look good and be practical on it? Feels a tempting upgrade as I already have the mounts, don't have to turn a single screw to swap them out.

And then there is of course the enormous SH59x top box which is designed to match with the SH35 panniers. My SH40 does not accommodate two helmets, a shortcoming which I would perhaps also want to fix, so either I go for the full shebang SH35+SH59x... or SH35+SH45 as a middle path... or... or I drop the top box entirely and go only for the SH35 panniers, reasoning that when I daily it, I can fit helmet on one and a carry-in inner bag in another (very convenient) and when I go touring, I just add a roll bag on the rear seat or something.

What are your thoughts? Anyone have any of the products I listed as my potential victims?

My current setup:

The SH35 + SH59x setup on someone's KTM: