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Online 100milesaway

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Re: Hello
« Reply #10 on: Oct 15, 2020, 01:34 PM »
*Originally Posted by Stewie [+]
They are, in fact, both deluded old fools.
The MK2 is by far the most superior of all the V's.

Simple yet alluringly unique styling. Not mushroom up a cats ass ugliness of the MK1 nor the generic lets make it fade into background Mk3.
It is just right. The only failing of yours is that it is not the Pearl Solar Yellow, but the black is a fine choice for those who do not wish to be constantly barraged with sexual requests by Women who go weak at the knees and wet at the crotch when you pass.
How on earth you can comment on ugliness, when you ride a bike that in ugliness terms, is a cross between an otters arse and a melted welly , is beyond me.

   But me being a fair minded character, and a lover of all things beautiful, I will concede, that whilst lots of folk dislike the stacked headlights of the MK 1 and 2 little Versys .

   I think both models look rather handsome. ( much like myself, albeit it 50 years ago  :012: ) However I still think that the MK3 is far and away the best looker of the three.

  The fact that I own a MK 3 has nothing to do with that decision though  :015:

What would you rather be, or a wasp?

Offline Mr Pooks

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Re: Hello
« Reply #11 on: Oct 15, 2020, 10:16 PM »
Hey y'all, thanks for the welcomes. Love my Big V and I do think it's the best looking of the bunch. I think the new ones are still individual looking but not as much as the MK2; I just couldn't get on board with that fugly light on the MK1 though  :004:

And black is clearly the colour of choice for the dapper kwakker about town  :2:

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Re: Hello
« Reply #12 on: Oct 19, 2020, 09:06 PM »
*Originally Posted by 100milesaway [+]
:185: to the forum Mr Pooks.

Enjoy your new bike, they are a cracking bit of kit.  Lots to like about any of the three variants.

Comfy, economical, quick enough for sane folk to enjoy.  And above all lots of fun to ride.

Just for the record, apart from being  blind, Dave ( Old plodder ) is also deluded.  The MK3 is way better than it's earlier brothers.  There is a very good reason for that, it's called development.

Hope that you have lots of fun on yours and ENJOY.

Cheers  :031:  Geoff.  :2:

This is the man to listen to!!! The mk3 is the best and always will be.
Oh and welcome to the forum! Enjoy your cracker bike and eat up some miles.
Slow is smooth and smooth is fast!
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