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ABS fault finding, how to get at the looms?
« on: Nov 07, 2020, 01:30 PM »
Hello again everybody,

Fresh from my adventures with clutch cables ( :020: to the experts on here for their help with that) I have bravely progressed through changing the oil (and I am SO glad I hadn't seen the infamous oil change thread on here first!) and am now into advanced mode, which is fault finding the ABS.

Thanks to Towerman and his stash of invaluable handbooks, I have got the fault codes up on the ABS LED and am heartened to find code 45, "Rear wheel rotation sensor wiring (wiring shorted or open, connector bad connection)". Heartened as it means the really expensive controller is at least alive and kicking  :152:.

So working through the handbooks, I need to get at the ABS hydraulic unit connector and the rear wheel rotation sensor connector.

Now try as I might, I can't get at the rear wheel sensor connector as it is buried in the engine, and I cant even see the hydraulic unit connector. I think I can see the top of the unit, right forward underneath the seat. Am I missing something that allows me to get at these? I suspect the sensor is the most likely culprit but before I buy a new one I will check the looms in case, but even if I buy a new one I have to get at the rear wheel connector to connect it.

I thought I read in the manual about removing the fuel tank for access but I can't now find the relevant passage, so I'm not sure I need to and having only just filled it I am reluctant to take it off right now. If anyone knows a way forward I would appreciate any pointers.

(The bike is a 2006 model by the way)
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Re: ABS fault finding, how to get at the looms?
« Reply #1 on: Nov 07, 2020, 09:16 PM »

 I think that if you follow the lead from the rear wheel sensor forward you will find the plug tucked up behind the right side grey cover under the frame. I may have that wrong, so be warned  :2: . If I'm right it's still a pig to unplug but not so bad if you slip plug and rubber holder off the metal tang on the frame before separating the two halves of the plug. I'm working from memory which, at this stage of the game, is pretty shoddy goods at times.
 That said, first remove the rear wheel sensor and clean both it and the abs disc.  Also check for cracks or breaks in the lead near the sensor. That's a fairly dirty area down there. Might be that simple.

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Re: ABS fault finding, how to get at the looms?
« Reply #2 on: Nov 08, 2020, 03:16 AM »
I replaced the sensor on my 2012 it wasn't difficult but it was a long time ago and I don't remember the specifics of where the connector is.