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Usually you'd think it will be a trade off, but it seems the Versys 650 actually benefits from the 40 mm Lust Racing lowering block. It is really a road bike so the ground clearance is kind of a moot point, not to mention that competitors like the Tracer 700 have already 30 to 40 mm less clearance than the Versys and you would never think about this as a problem when you ride those bikes. Anyway, what I really wanted to say is this. When you ride alone at normal speeds, the change is not noticeable, but believe it or nor, lowering the bike actually _improves_ handling and dynamics when riding two up (considerably) or at high speeds over 130 kph (slightly). I was really surprised about the handling change with a pillion. It makes sense as the pillion sits up high and the lever effect amplifies the height factor non-linearly, but I would have never thought that this will turn the Versys 650 into one of those bikes which feels almost incomplete without the pillion. I understand that I only weigh 70 kg and my beautiful assistant 50 kg, it may not feel that good for folks with double the numbers. I would even say I have identified the flaw in the original Versys, it really was a bit too top heavy with a pillion, up to the point that once I dropped her off, I would want to take the long way home because I felt like the bike became more enjoyable to ride. Not anymore, with this little 40 mm change, I would not mind if all the riding I ever do from now on will be two up.

For reference purposes, I also pulled the fork legs up by 25 mm as recommended and I shortened the sidestand by about 20 mm (pure lottery, there was no recommendation and I did not make any calculations, just seemed a sensible first try and it worked out just fine). The sidestand is peculiar though, it welded fine with a regular 6013 rod and did not look like stainless steel, but it had not rusted from where the paint was worn off. I wonder if they had done something fishy with it and it will rust now after it has been heated up, we'll see.
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Re: The lowering kit actually improved handling and usability
« Reply #1 on: Jun 04, 2021, 08:24 PM »
i have the same Lust link fitted, i'd agree with most of what you have said