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Re: South on the A3
« Reply #10 on: Jul 19, 2021, 12:26 PM »
Back to the road!

the road south

Rolling, rolling, rolling... to the next big thing. But it's smaller than the original but still big.

rocks, big rocks

Yes, it's a Henge, or locally known as the "Australian Standing Stones". Google maps currently has 556 reviews with a score of 4.4/5. And a big Celtic festival is held here.

definitely big rocks

For the sciency amongst us.

purpose of the stones

autumn colours

Note the Tesla in the background. I passed it earlier as it wouldn't do the speed limit - range anxiety?

Normally there are still a lot of autumn colours in the trees, after all this is the New England Highway, and this area is known as the New England tablelands. But, the drought seems to have killed many of the trees. It's been the same all day - very little colour, apart from dead brown. Sad.

winding road, rolling hills, dead trees

winding road, rolling hills, dead trees

It's a quarter past 2, I'm a bit north of Guyra, and there's about 160km to Tamworth. And it's just an awesome day to ride this awesome road. So off I go.

Guyra. Armidale (well, the bypass). Uralla. Bendemeer. Roadworks on the hill at Moonbi (so I missed the lookout). And into Tamworth. It was cold. My hands started to get cold around 2pm. It was now about 4:15 pm and the sun would set at about 5 pm.

So, why was I wearing my vented summer gloves? Good question! Dumb answer! I brought my leather mid-season gloves with no ventilation & gauntlet. But, my new jacket has very long sleeves. And I'm wearing thermals & a windproof/warm jacket under my riding jacket. Now the gauntlet won't fit either over or under my sleeve, and I can't push the sleeve up. And I didn't test this at home. Pro tip - test stuff at home!



the pub

the view from room 4

the steak

Another great day done!

today's map

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Re: South on the A3
« Reply #11 on: Jul 21, 2021, 10:28 AM »

cold enough for a sleep in

An hour later it's down the stairs, put my key in the key return box and out to the car park to wipe the frost off the bike cover. The out-lane is closed for maintenance, so it's out the narrow in-lane between the buildings, onto the main street and into the glorious sunshine. Oh, glorious sunshine!

First stop - bike shop for warmer gloves. I've seen them when not looking for them. Similar to my vented summer gloves, but all leather with no ventilation.

of course

No. Not this time.
There were a few other riders there looking for warmer gear as well, a local and some other travellers looking for gloves and balaclavas.
Glove liners. That'll have to do!

Stop #2. A museum.

worth the visit

I was one of the early ones so got much than my $5 worth in a personal tour and explanation of the history & technology of electrifying the street lights of Tamworth, plus steam engines and dynamos, both working & replicas; and all manner of electrical goods from the early years. Would you believe that the electrification was originally knocked back by the city councillors who had financial interests in the existing gas supply?

seriously interesting

Stop 3. Another museum.

On the site of the second power station, there is a very flash hotel. Beside the hotel, in a spare building, the owner stores his motorcycle collection. And he lets you in to look, just look. While all the bikes, apart from 1, are fully restored, you don't get to ride any. Or even hear them startup. Pity! There was an old bloke there to show you around.

a couple of Kawasakis

a Honda

a Suzuki

And some others - Japanese, British & Italian & German and American.

Check out the adjustable rear suspension on this race bike.

shine on

Here's the latest acquisition.

This one is staying as is. It was found in a barn after 40 years, before that it spent 60 years in the same family delivering the mail.

This means it must be time for me to get back on the road - no need for breakfast, I'll do brunch later.

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Re: South on the A3
« Reply #12 on: Jul 21, 2021, 11:00 AM »
There was more to see and do in Tamworth, as Tamworth is Australia's home of Country Music. There's a museum (in the shape of a guitar) and a big golden guitar to photograph. But I've spared you.

After about 40 minutes of blissful riding over gently rolling hills through peaceful farmland, a little bit of it with warm hands - pro-tip: glove liners are good for standing around, but no so good when wrapping your hand, even loosely, around the grips - I arrive at a place I still can't pronounce. Wallabadah. Go on, have a go!

Wallabadah is the site of another historical attraction, the First Fleet Memorial Garden. For our international readers, the First Fleet was the first fleet of convicts to arrive in what is now Sydney in 1788, thus starting the European "settlement". Side note - Sydney is about 360km away. So how did Wallabada get the First Fleet Memorial Garden? Simple, they wanted something, and no one else wanted a First Fleet Memorial Garden, so they built it. Build it and they will come!

picnic area

list of convicts and other info about the fleet

rare insight

All this history has made me hungry. Oh, look, a cafe!

burger - with bacon, egg, pineapple & beetroot. As good as it gets!

I win!

Now back to the road

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Re: South on the A3
« Reply #13 on: Jul 21, 2021, 12:27 PM »
Brilliant apart from beetroot on a burger  :211:
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