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Thought it might be a good idea to swap out archaic cigarette style power socket with something a bit more useful.
Ordered a twin USB socket with built in LED battery voltage monitor.
The swap over took about 25 minutes, and the hole size for the one I bought is exact size (No cutting or filing required)
There is a switch, so when the ignition is turned on the unit still stays off, until you push the on/off switch.
When on all of the LEDs will light up, until you start using power, then the real voltage will be displayed, there is a separate LED to indicate when the USB sockets are powered.
When the USB sockets are not in use, a rain cover is pushed back into place.
The socket was supplied with covered spade connectors, which are just crimped on to the existing wires, but you will need a polarity tester to make sure that it is wired correctly before applying power. Rain cover not brilliant, and might have to mod, but has also got some good cover from the screen. (Will see how it goes).