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Mk3 Boosterplug Fitted
« on: Oct 12, 2021, 09:20 PM »
Hi All, after finding that my v650  Mk3 engine breaking was just like throwing an anchor off the back of the bike, and it bouncing around on the road, very much differently to my old Vstrom650, I wondered if these booster plug thingies really work, so I have bitten the bullet and on Sunday just gone, mine was ready to fit. Installation says 10 minutes, but with time taken and panels safely stowed etc, tank lifted about 2 Inches, it was quite easy to thread the sensor probe along the tank with other pipes and cables, and sit it tie wrapped to a cable just under the front nose fairing.
In reality probably about 1/2 hr with re-assembly.
Whats the difference you ask..?, Well I have to say that for me I have noticed much more controllable throttle open and close, easy manoeuvre at slow speed, smoother gear change, and more controllable in the gears four and five.  Slightly more acceleration, but not much changed with power in gears 5,6. I have not ridden too much since fitting, but I now find that I have more confidence in the bike in the corners, and am throwing it around a bit more... Another thing that I have done, pretty much at the same time, is to rebuild both front callipers with new kits, and would say this has also made a huge difference, with the bike no longer diving at the tarmac on heavy breaking, also with some front fork adjustment. In my opinion personally, booster plug has made the ride much smoother and controllable at lower speeds with smoother gear change.. I would definitely do it again...

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