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I prefer either diesel or paraffin for cleaning , then dry it of with an old cloth and spray both chain sides with chain wax as it does not fly off like oil does. Any  good quality o-ring chain and sprocket  will do the job.
Thanks Mac One.

I did lube my chain quite often, and was aware of the importance, but apparently not often enough. What can also have played a part is that I also completely cleaned by chain often, which probably took out a lot of grease as well. Even though I lubed it afterwards, perhaps I cleaned it too often and not lubed it well enough or specifically after rainy trips.

Any specific tips on replacing the chain and sprockets beside what can be found in the videos from MC garage and similar?
Ride Reports and Touring / Re: The Not IVM Late Spring Ride
« Last post by Stewie on Today at 12:31 PM »
*Originally Posted by Gustavo [+]

You need to work on your negotiation skills.  Richard managed to get a kitchen pass for an IVM, so how hard can it be?   :whistle:


Difference is that Richard's wife was glad to see the back of him but Shandy's wife probably quite likes him.
Versys - General Discussion / Re: luggage protection bars
« Last post by mac one on Today at 12:16 PM »
Big question is  would crash bars around the luggage damage the frame work that the luggage is fasted to, either way it cost's when you tumble off .
Nothing to do with the alignment just lack of lubrication, maybe o ring seals in chain worn or split which let the grease out and the rust did the damage.
Ride Reports and Touring / Re: The Not IVM Late Spring Ride
« Last post by uralrob on Today at 11:11 AM »

 Excellent stuff, but too bad about the tar strips.
 Couple of maps, maybe?   s.v.p.  :2:

Tyres and Wheels / Re: Got fed up using,,,
« Last post by grumpyoldgit on Today at 10:31 AM »
Food for thought indeed. :028:

I have a small compressor (Lidl/Aldi type) that could do with replacing and in reality all I ever use it for nowadays is checking and inflating tyres, plus I already have some Makita tools,.

Hmmm!  :notsure:
Tyres and Wheels / Got fed up using,,,
« Last post by Zombie biker on Today at 10:03 AM »
Ok being using foot pump had 3 ,on the versys,I had to man handle bike only have 2 paving stones wide in garden,so back n forth kneeling in grass/mud etc.
I got bike electric pump have to take off seat, connect etc and very load takes forever.
So after researching, got perfect product;
Makita DMP180Z 18V LXT Inflator Bare Unit for the cheapo price of  £55 delivered from FFX
I got my Makita drill and impact drill there couple years ago ,I have 4 batteries ,2 x5amp and 2 x4amp.
Itís BLOODY brilliant ,very lightweight ,pumpcar tyres all 4 ,both bike tyres in SECONDS, very quite ,donít get hot for the length of time I used it,done twice and battery still on full charge and auto cuts off, only possible negative is you have to hold power button ,to me thatís a plus and it doesnít pull on valves.
Took longer to take dust caps off,,,,,car was between 6 to 12psi low ,bike 6 back 2 front low.
Can highly recommend this,was win win all round.
Ok I know you need Makita batteries and charger,but already had both.
New Members / Re: Newbie says Hi from sunny (Not Rainy) Mid Wales
« Last post by Oldplodder on Today at 09:45 AM »
Hi and welcome to the forum.

It is a shame that your taste in bikes does not include the original Mk1 CLASSIC Versys, which was the best model, instead of one of the inferior sequels.
However, you have arrived at a truely versatile bike at long last.

Dave T
Versys - General Discussion / Re: luggage protection bars
« Last post by kblackburn on Today at 08:53 AM »

Thanks for the information
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