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Richard,  how would these work with the wind deflectors (  Would they clash?
*Originally Posted by RichardPB [+]
They are fitted directly into the handlebar threads and attached to the mirrors using brackets and screws provided, not clamped around the bars.

All the best,

Then they might fit 2007 Versys as well?
Versys - General Discussion / Re: exhaust mod
« Last post by bgp on Yesterday at 11:44 AM »
Good thread.
I am slightly leaning to dog rescuer side.
Versys - General Discussion / Re: Had a mk2, thinking about a mk3...
« Last post by penry on Yesterday at 05:19 AM »
*Originally Posted by davidji [+]
I'm shopping for a new to me commute bike and the mk3 Versys 650 is on the list.

I had a 2011 Versys for a while. It was my 1st ever new vehicle, and I put 57k mostly commuting miles on it.  It was a great bike for going places, but had some shortcomings for me as a commuter.

I've been searching the site, and it looks like most of that is resolved in the 2015+ model (suspension, fuel tank range).  I'm pretty impressed with the fuel economy numbers I see here, and with the larger tank, I think the range will be fine.

I didn't see discussion of the braking.  The brakes felt a little weak on my 2011.  Reviews said they're better on the 2015, but it still uses single sided calipers, and I have no idea how much better.  Some of you have had both.  What do you think?

Also I read a comment about some updates for 2016, but didn't see the details.  I wonder what difference it makes if I get a 2015 instead of a 2016.

Can only speak for 2017 bike but tank range commuting for me is 350 miles comfortably ( mostly dual carriageway and taking it steady ).
The brakes aren't pin sharp but I don't want that on a commuter anyway. They will lock the front if asked engaging the smooth ABS.
Suspension is good, seating position and general comfort good. Screen much better with a deflector on the top as it reduces wind blast considerably. I use a small 'Puig' clip on that is about 1/3 the size of a helmet visor.

Had quite a few bikes and I'm pretty happy with my versys 1,500 miles down the road.
Niggles ?

Have to dip my chin a fraction to read the clocks and it doesn't like 30 mph above 4th gear but hey, its a 650 not a 1200.

Items Wanted / Re: 2007 Versys 650 right side fairing
« Last post by on Yesterday at 03:14 AM »
Try Fowler's for a new one
New Members / Re: New member
« Last post by 100milesaway on Dec 09, 2019, 06:43 PM »
Welcome to the forum Darren.  I'm sure that you will enjoy the bike,  once you get used to the fact that you only have two cylinders to play with you will be fine.

I have also arrived here after 2 Versys thousands.  Health issues, and advancing years forcing the change.  The superb 4 cylinder engine of the bigger bike is the only thing that I really miss.

The little Versys is a great bike,  and I'm certain that you will enjoy it.

Cheers Geoff  :002:

New Members / Re: New member
« Last post by Zipperhead on Dec 09, 2019, 03:28 PM »
Hi Darren, welcome.

I go up to Cheltenham occasionally to visit my brother, he lives at the bottom of Harp Hill. He's got a M**** G**** though.

Sorry to hear about the missing bit and the pain.
New Members / New member
« Last post by DarrenG on Dec 09, 2019, 03:04 PM »
 Hello everyone
New owner of a 2017 burn,t orange 650 having downsized from a versys one 1000 . Not due to pick the new bike up until Thursday this week so early Christmas present to myself .
Been riding bikes now for 42 years and have owned and ridden a lot of different bikes in my time . I still have my blast from the past 1983 z650 which I have had to strip the top end due to a dropped valve . Gasket set new valves and buckets turned up today and head came back from being welded .unfortunately it cracked the camshaft casing but all good now with an almost invisible weld .
Am now a disabled rider as I became an amputee in sept 2016 . Had a big off in 1982 , hospital for three months and 30 odd years of constant pain and 12 lots of surgery . All good now just missing a bit ,great way to lose weight but I wouldn’t, recommend it  ha ha ! Really looking forward to getting the new bike hopefully talk more soon
Versys - General Discussion / Re: Had a mk2, thinking about a mk3...
« Last post by 100milesaway on Dec 09, 2019, 10:21 AM »
Other small but significant changes from 015 onward are.    A bigger rear disc rotor, front rubber mountings for the engine, so now the engine is completely isolated, making the engine very smooth. The screen is also taller than before. The rear KYB shock has a manual pre load adjuster. And the engine has an extra 5 bhp.
Versys - General Discussion / Re: Had a mk2, thinking about a mk3...
« Last post by jkristjan on Dec 09, 2019, 09:55 AM »
Well there have been small changes, for example the mounting holes on the windshield were made bigger and rubber grommets added for MY2018. Also there are different specs for different markets and EURO4 and EURO5 requirements have arrived in the meantime. Gear indicator on the main LCD screen was added in 2017 if I remember correctly. But yeah, these are just housekeeping tasks so to say that have been taken care of, if you are buying, there is no reason to specifically prefer one year over another.
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