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Versys - General Discussion / Er6 sidestand
« Last post by Wavy Davy on Yesterday at 09:54 PM »
Can someone who has had a lowering kit to the 16+ 650 fitted tell me if the er6 stand fits, a few posts on here have different opinions.
Versys - General Discussion / Re: New bike
« Last post by Boggs on Yesterday at 09:24 PM »
Sorry to read about the loss of your brother jim,please accept my condolences to you and your family,the bike sounds like a good one regarding the mileage etc,i enjoyed the 4yr relationship i had with my Mk2 so much so that when the Mk3 came out their wasn't a lot to think about really,i bought it without ever having test rode one as i knew it was going to be spot on.

Cheers Boggs

The motor is most certainly smoother now.  Too bad it took me two years to figure it out.  :016:
Ride Reports and Touring / Re: Ten to One
« Last post by Wal on Yesterday at 08:15 PM »
agree about the passes, I just wanted to go walking pace and look around, and there's zero margin for error for any messing wonder there's so many accidents.....interesting to ride though, the Saverne area near Strasbourg, or the Eifel region in Germany are good for "fun" roads, which is why I go there often on the way to Basel to....who knows
Ride Reports and Touring / Re: Ten to One
« Last post by Gustavo on Yesterday at 07:48 PM »
Great report Wal!   :028:  Thanks for the pics and maps.   :123A:

Many moons ago, my wife had a work assignment in a factory in rural Belgium.  The nearest town that had a decent hotel was Waterloo, so we spent a couple of weeks exploring Belgium from there.  I have nice memories, but not sure it still looks like the same town.  It was a long time ago.

As for those Alpine Passes, I think I have mentioned before that I think they are mostly overrated as motorcycling roads.  The really twisty sections are short, the roads are mostly too narrow for the amount of traffic that goes over them and the "twisties" are sets of 1st gear hairpins.  The scenery is fantastic though.  The fact that there are shelters/restaurants at the top is always nice.  Makes for a nice sightseeing trip, but if you want challenging roads without the tourist hoopla, some of southern France or Spain would be much better.  Or you could come to the next IVM...   :211:    :007:

New Members / Re: Hi from Ireland
« Last post by Lord Muck on Yesterday at 06:50 PM »
*Originally Posted by uralrob [+]

 L.M., what's with you bloody exhibitionist Flatlanders? Or maybe it's the Ells, Lincs and Leics  :notsure: .

 If it's not you demonstrating nose stands in foggy ditches or the Snr. Plmbr putting meaning into those immortal words, "Life's a Ditch" ....

 It's you again, demonstrating your prowess in front of four others of H.M.'s Finest. She wouldn't be Amused, you know. She expects her Finest to remain upright. All of them. All the time  :211: .

  :2: :2:


 :008: :008:

I lead where the Plummer follows....  :008: unless heís riding a bike and Iím in his dust!
But when itís comes to ditches Iím currently in the lead... not that itís a competition Rob!
Ride Reports and Touring / Re: An idiot abroad
« Last post by flying v on Yesterday at 05:12 PM »
Bloody amazing if your a idiot I'm well impressed, a trip like that with such little experience....  lost for words.
New Members / Re: Hi from Ireland
« Last post by NIVersysOwner on Yesterday at 04:41 PM »
Hi welcome to the forum!
Greetings from N.Ireland!
Enjoy many upright miles and maybe see you at a meet one day!
New Members / Re: Hello
« Last post by NIVersysOwner on Yesterday at 04:38 PM »
Hello welcome to the forum!
Greetings from N.Ireland 😁
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