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so in the end took the bike to an electrical chap I know ... and the alternator was the problem  .. been rewound and now we are good  ... pick it up friday
New Members / Re: New Member
« Last post by BikerMan on Yesterday at 11:49 PM »
 :185: to the forum Fitz, as mentioned above both models are great, reliable, bikes in their own right. Just perfect for touring the beautifully scenic Emerald Isle. Let us know which one you finally decide best suits your needs. Either way you won't be disappointed  :152:
Was it You ? / Green MK1 Farnborough
« Last post by MZ FANATIC on Yesterday at 10:27 PM »
Saw a very clean and tidy Green MK1 parked at Farnborough gate shopping area earlier today.
General Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Chain Maintenance?
« Last post by Gustavo on Yesterday at 09:30 PM »
The OEM chain on my Versys went 30K.   And Rob's complaining about the care (or lack thereof) I give it...   :008:

I typically use some PTFE type dry lube to reduce (supposedly eliminate, but don't count on it) the amount of debris sticking to it and causing the wear described above.  I spray the chain after every long day on the bike (anything over 100 miles or so, which basically means almost every time I take it out...   :biker1:).  Seems to work pretty well.  The V-Strom's chain is at 33K and still looking OK.   :152:

New Members / Re: New Member
« Last post by Flying v2 on Yesterday at 08:42 PM »
Hi Fitz
And welcome to versys forum, when Yamaha built the xtz1200z it was honed from the same lump of granite that Kawasaki were using to build the versys models both incredibly reliable bikes. I recall that hippy Sanders riding the Yamaha for 50k miles it was then inspected and no wear or year to be found.
Not rode in Ireland since 1985 on a cb900f2b brilliant first big tour seem to remember rain was popular and gortex had not been invented back then.
New Members / Re: New Member
« Last post by 100milesaway on Yesterday at 05:27 PM »
 :185: to the forum Fitz.   Either of the Versys models will do you proud. Both are bomb proof, both are as reliable as an axe, and both are blessed by being built by a Japanese company. There are no issues with either bike, so you can rest easy about both of them.

I have recently moved from a big Versys to the smaller model, and although my main reason for the change is a health problem (wonky arms ), I have also come to understand that I don't need 100 BHP in order to thoroughly enjoy the kind of biking that I do.

If you lead  bike tours in Ireland, I presume that you take your clients on the quieter and more secluded routes. In which case you are unlikely to need any more than the little v will give.

I suggest that you test ride both bikes, then decide which one will best serve your needs.     
      good luck Geoff :2:
Thanks for the replies. My mind is at ease now.

It disappeared after my 2 hour ride today.

Versys - General Discussion / Re: Concerned about engine oil spyglass
« Last post by jonnster71 on Yesterday at 05:00 PM »
Another 'nothing to worry about' post.

Happens on mine on short runs too.
New Members / Re: New Member
« Last post by The Fitz on Yesterday at 04:30 PM »
Hi Dave, I'm looking to change the Yam for a Versys 650 or maybe the 1000. I run motorcycle tours here in Ireland and a new 650 every year or so might make sense. The Yam makes around 100 hp but with shaft drive. So the 650's 70 hp should be fine. Need to keep the speeds low anyway...keep my license/business etc! So I'm keen to see what people think about the Versys and what goes wrong. I'm a big fan of what Ryan Farquhar does with the 650 in Road Racing.  :5:
Versys - General Discussion / Re: Rubber friendly caliper grease
« Last post by Onslowe on Yesterday at 03:55 PM »
Castrol Red Rubber Grease is what I had recommended to me, available on Ebay for not too much money and seems to do the job. Cheers, Onslowe
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