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New Members / Re: Back in the Saddle in Wild West Wales
« Last post by jonfromwales on Yesterday at 03:08 PM »
Nice to see a fellow Welshman on a Versys, i'm in the Cardiff area but its such a nice run up to your part of the country ( that is when we are allowed out again lol ) I'm just touching 60 this year and the Versys for me is such a nice riding position having given up on sports and sports tourers. All the best and stay safe.
New Members / Re: MeToo - Greetings from Oz
« Last post by OneBlackDog on Yesterday at 04:55 AM »
Thanks Team
Yes, It seems a great bike, especially for the money.

I've got a little pile of things to do before I go anywhere -

1. Protection -
Radiator guard
Air horn

2. Comfort
3D mesh seat cover

3. Convenience
Power outlet
Phone/GPS mount

4. Performance
ECU flash from Steve @Shoodabeen
(still in the post)

And I've just ordered spools & stand.

On the "To think about list" is -
Taller screen
Footpegs & position
Extended gear lever or not so chunky boots

Keen to ride, even if it is just around my local area (until this virus business is sorted).

Stay Sane!


Items Wanted / Wanted Tank bag for my 2007 Versys 650
« Last post by jonfromwales on Mar 28, 2020, 07:54 PM »
Does anyone have a Tank bag for a 2007 Versys 650 for sale, having gone out for a nice ride a few days ago some little tw*t decided to remove my black Bagster tank bag for themselves while I was busy stuffing my face with bacon rolls and cups of tea.
Post or collection im in Cardiff but will always travel within reason (any excuse for a ride).
*Originally Posted by whiskydave [+]
Especially for a dour Yorkshireman.   :whistle:

Which Yorkshireman are you referring to? Surely not 100 Milesaway, as he is from Lancashire (Oldham I seem to recall), if I'm not mistaken. ( I hope I'm right as I don't want to offend him if I'm wrong).

Dave T
Tyres and Wheels / Re: Lockdown Tyres!
« Last post by Shandy on Mar 27, 2020, 09:18 PM »
Thanks guys.

I'd love the ABBA stand, admired them for a long time. I'm still just building up the courage to ask the Mrs if I can have one  :192:  :008:
I agree there's lots of great advice on here and that's a good idea.

I did similar on my old SX and eventually fitted rad guard, mud flap extender, tail tidy and screen.

Evotech are excellent and their SX products we're great (rad guard and tail tidy) the tail tidy was particularly difficult to fit and needed two people really.

I guess after spending all that money and time, as much as I'd love to do it again, watching her be written off and all of it go to waste. I have been left a little disheartened.
I'm also under strict orders from the boss at home, not to do all that again!  :125:

Jay has agreed to send me some videos of him (not like that  :whistle:) cleaning his bike as well as a few essential maintenance routines that I've been neglecting, while he's isolating. So I can give them ago once I do get my stand, and have something to do that keeps me from getting under her feet at home myself  :008:
*Originally Posted by whiskydave [+]
Especially for a dour Yorkshireman.   :whistle:


Shots fired  :178:

I'm not getting involved in the geographical slagging match.

As far as I'm concerned, anything above the Watford Gap is 'Northern'  :008: :008: :008:
*Originally Posted by Shandy [+]

 :008: :008: :008:

Very good!  :4:
Especially for a dour Yorkshireman.   :whistle:
*Originally Posted by 100milesaway [+]
  Don't bring me into this .   :2:

 :008: :008: :008:

Very good!  :4:
*Originally Posted by 100milesaway [+]
  Ah,  that's better. :2:

Your welcome.
*Originally Posted by Stewie [+]
I wonder if I can get mine done over 2 years early  in a garage 99 miles away.
  Ah,  that's better. :2:
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