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Accessories and Products / Re: Anybody recognise this top box plate?
« Last post by wwhite139 on Nov 21, 2020, 03:01 PM »
That is indeed a Givi plate, or to be more precise, half of it. The top plate that the box slides into and locks onto is missing.
Accessories and Products / Re: Anybody recognise this top box plate?
« Last post by McVicar on Nov 21, 2020, 02:48 PM »
I can't help with identifying the plate, but maybe you could attach a Givi plate on top of the existing plate rather than buying new arms.
Accessories and Products / Anybody recognise this top box plate?
« Last post by V4Murph on Nov 21, 2020, 02:19 PM »

I've looked through a load of Google images and can't find this plate anywhere to buy a that will fit.

Any ideas ?

Maybe I can change it to a givi plate but I would imagine that would mean a complete different rack as well?
*Originally Posted by Gustavo [+]

I think that was me, still wrestling with the handling of the T800 hired from Denver EagleRider  :006:
That night I found that the rear preload had been set to the softest - no wonder it handled like a H&D  :33:

So I Jacked it up to the highest setting and then it handled much better with all that luggage, so it could then leave the other Gus, Rob's and Tim's  V650's  in the bends (not)  :notsure: :whistle:

That's part of the reason I think they kept saying  - "Where's Richard now"  :7:
Ride Reports and Touring / Re: Las Vegas to Portland, avoiding lung damage...
« Last post by Nemo on Nov 21, 2020, 11:29 AM »
Gustavo - thank you.  And my wallet thanks you too! Best I get out and practice with my point-and-shoot!
Versys - General Discussion / Re: versys insurance Quote
« Last post by 2WheelDev on Nov 20, 2020, 06:03 PM »
Looking at an online quote still seems to show fully comp being about 200 more than TPFT... I know location makes a huge difference so maybe that affects it!
The question of what special equipment I use to take these pics has been a topic of much debate on this forum...   :125:  Most people didn't believe me that it was a simple point-and-shoot (PAS) camera I hold in my left hand.   But after several IVMs, I think I have enough witnesses to affirm that is, indeed, the case.    Also, unlike the conspiracy theories Garfi was floating around ~10 years ago on this forum, I do not have 3 arms.   :008:

I have a couple of Canon PAS cameras that I use for these pictures.  I like Canons, because they were among the first ones to incorporate image stabilization into PAS cameras, so I got used to their operation and menu structures, but you can any PAS you like.  The biggest downside of the current crop of PAS is that many manufacturers have followed Canon's initiative of making the on/off button recessed and small, making it hard to operate with gloves.  I understand this is useful so you don't accidentally turn it on when it's in your pocket, but it has contributed to many a missed shot, when I couldn't get the camera on in time to catch something quickly.  Also, many PAS now have a wide angle lens, which is the default starting position when the camera is turned on, meaning you have to be really close to what you are trying to frame or crop the pictures later.

The other important piece is a retractable lanyard/carabiner.  Yes, the type most office drones used to use to hang their badges from when we still worked in offices...   :008:

Like this:

Obviously, you will need a tank bag or some place to put the camera when you are not taking pictures.  If your jacket has some big pockets that can be easily accessed, that would work too.  After that, all you need is about 20 years of practice to get shots like these...   :whistle:


I just saw that the Canon PowerShot/ELPH 360 has a not-so-wide angle lens, this would be a plus in my mind:

But, if you already have a small camera you like, you can just use that.  OTOH, if you are going on a major trip, maybe one of the compact Super Zoom cameras would be a better idea.  That would allow you to take fantastic landscape/scenery pictures anywhere you stop, not just while traveling on the bike.   :biker1:

Versys - General Discussion / Re: versys insurance Quote
« Last post by mac one on Nov 20, 2020, 05:37 PM »
Not really sure why but fully comp is generally cheaper than third party fire and theft these days.
Drift Ghost S is not bad, comes with a wrist mounted remote to control video & still photos, not bad quality
and cheaper than the Gopro👍
Versys - General Discussion / Re: versys insurance Quote
« Last post by 2WheelDev on Nov 20, 2020, 12:28 PM »
I look forward to having insurance that cheap!

Even my car costs me 360/year fully comp! BIke this year was 490 TPFT.
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