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Versys - General Discussion / Re: Replacing forks
« Last post by Gustavo on Yesterday at 11:09 PM »
Yes, both have 41mm forks, so they should fit in the triple clamps you have.  The question is why?  For less than a replacement set for a Mk3 costs you can get a good suspension tuner to service and tune your forks for your weight and riding, so that they'd be much better than the stock Mk3 forks are.

Versys - General Discussion / Pannier lock cylinder removal
« Last post by MarkABZ on Yesterday at 10:57 PM »
Folks, I appreciate that this is an old topic and Iíve read Clive and others feedback about removing the 9 screws to give further access to remove the old locks by taking the top section off.

My question however is; how easy is it to remove the top section after all of these screws have been extracted i.e. do you need to prise it off with a screwdriver...or a special tool?  Even after removing all 9 screws, it is still awkward...I donít want to force it and break it.

Appreciate your help in advance.
You must be mistaken...   :whistle:

Wait, are you telling me rain doesn't clean the chain?    :notsure:


Versys - General Discussion / Re: Oxford Stormex Bike Cover
« Last post by oldleathers on Yesterday at 08:33 PM »
Took delivery of the XL Oxford Stormex Bike Cover, I can confirm with a Givi touring screen the Xl covers  the MK2 Versys about 2" short of the ground and completely covers the wheel disc's. Seems well made.

And in the next instalment EP90 Gear Oil and WD40  :5:

Gustavo is proved wrong  :lostit:
2019 National Versys Meet / Re: Just
« Last post by Oldplodder on Yesterday at 07:48 PM »
*Originally Posted by TowerMan [+]

As requested on Thursday night, the "Slow-baked Clotted Cream Rice Pudding" is on order with SWMBO  :1: :1:

Richard  :008:

I hope that you are going to bring some of that to the NVM for those deserving few who would appreciate it  (Me and Me!)

Dave T
2019 National Versys Meet / Re: Just
« Last post by TowerMan on Yesterday at 07:26 PM »
*Originally Posted by THE RAT [+]
:celebrate: :celebrate: :celebrate: :celebrate: :celebrate: Boats booked my clock is ticking  :152:

As requested on Thursday night, the "Slow-baked Clotted Cream Rice Pudding" is on order with SWMBO  :1: :1:

Richard  :008:

Suspension and Chassis Set-up and Mods / Re: Hand Guards.
« Last post by wicklamulla on Yesterday at 07:21 PM »
tanks Jim,  i bought some Polisport Sharp handguards  onl;ine so i'll see how i get on with them. 
For Sale Section / Givi Monokey V47 Top Box & Inner Bag
« Last post by Catsick on Yesterday at 06:56 PM »
As title says, top box & inner bag, both in good condition but a few marks on the yellow bits.
2 keys included.

Collection only.


2019 National Versys Meet / Re: Just
« Last post by 100milesaway on Yesterday at 06:02 PM »
I had a ride out on Saturday, which included part of the morning route, plus snippets of the afternoon route. I have done the routes many times, but am still amazed by the Dales roads, and stunning scenery.     If we are lucky enough to be blessed by good weather, this year will be special.  :152:

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