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    Re: The Treasures of the Sierra Nevada
    Reply #40 on: Jul 22, 2022, 03:12 pm
    Jul 22, 2022, 03:12 pm
    *Originally Posted by Clunkyboy [+]
    Well you asked, flew into frisco on air canada who randomly upgraded us to business class happy days. Spent4 days there stopped in a hotel on Powell St, smallest room we ever had and not cheap but right opposite the golden nugget bar,thats a whole chapter of its own involving off duty Sacremnto cops pulling guns on peeps, a seriously rich mad irish american contractor buying several rounds for the whole bar and Jonny Z and the Cameros playing music. Anyway did the whole bit from Height Ashbury to Alcatraz etc but had a whale if a time cos I do go off piste. Picked up a rental, over golden gate bridge hung a right and  past Sacremento to Sth Lake Tahoe. Holiday in on the beach, bigger room cheaper then frisco. 3  or 4 days chillin and walking in the Heavenly mountain range, got mixed up in a beach wedding etc. Then drive down to june lakes as a bit of a base to do Yosemitie for a few days, turns out it is one of the top 10 spa resorts in America so we availed of that. Its a ski place so in the summer we ended up with a 2 bed lodge round the lake for cheaper than Tahoe. After that down through death Valley to Vegas or Blackpool on  steroids as the wife calls it.Shows Helicopter rides to bottom of the Canyon, abiding memory flying back in over the strip with viva Las vegas playing in the cans. Shows were amazing in the evening. Stayed off the bottom of the strip in a penthouse of a brand new Casino build, yep bigger and cheaper than before. Then headed west for Pismo, stopped in Bakersfield, stopped at Buck Owens Crystal palace and took in a country and western show there, Tracy Spanky was the star. Used to smoke fags then so got chatting with some right old boys  who told some fantastic hot rod, fighting and a spitting and a drinking tales.
    Round the big airforce base to pismo and stopped at dolphin bay resort for 10 days. Now that was a dear do but what a 0lace amazing.  But was foggy ffs. Spoke to some locals said if its foggy here drive up to St Louis Obispo and they were right. Hired bikes and dune buggys, drank Magaretas and let it all hang out at priates bay beach. Highway 1 north did cartmel etc etc. One great big adventure moon.

    Sounds like you had a great time I envy you  :020:
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